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تعو نحكي#

 #تعو نحكي، دعوة مفتوحة لبدء النقاش حول جميع القضايا الاجتماعية الملحة التي  يتفاداها و يغض النظر عنها البعض ويستهين بها ولا يعيرها الاهتمام اللازم البعض الآخر.

مبادرة #تعونحكي تسلط الضوء على هذه القضايا وتفتح الباب للحوار البناء الهادف إلى العلو بالأفراد دون اللجوء لتنصنيفهم وتأطيرهم بل تحريرهم من مفاهيم تحد من تطورهم وقدرتهم على تطوير مجتمعاتهم. كل هذا يبدء بفتح الحديث .. فتعو نحكي!


#Ta3o_Nehke (Come_let's_Talk)

Ta3o Nehke (Come Let’s Talk) is a talk show dedicated to discussing today’s hottest social issues. The show opens a space for dialogue within society and invites audiences to engage in healthy conversation around important social issues. The title of the show reflects an invitation to speak as well as listen. This invitation helps break the taboo around being the first to raise a sensitive topic by allowing everyone to comment on a topic that has already become the subject of conversation. Tao3 Nehke will serve as a catalyst for positive social change in the Arabic speaking world, without which difficult conversations will be too easy to avoid. The producer and hostess of Tao3 Nehke, Dima, sees the show as an extension of herself and intends it to be fun, entertaining, informative and impactful.

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