Fall Outfits .. If you have a heavier bottom.. you will like them :)

Hi girlies, thank you for checking me out here !! This is my first fashion blog and I am super excited about it ... if you can see right away that my english sounds a bit off that is because it is lol .. Well, I LOVE English language but it is not my first language which is why it will show.. but hey I am trying.. If you are not thrown off by my English already that is awesome and I love you <3.. I hope you like my message too.. Now tage along and let's talk BODIES 


I OBVIOUSLY have a heavier bottom (an Arab blessing - just an observation) and I have at one point in my life tried so hard to hide it. I was so ahamed of it that I "mistreated" my body with fashion deprivation lol if that makes sense at all. I used to hide my hips by weraing long tops (tunics almost) and that resulted in me looking shorter and not exactly fashionable :( 


Enough with the drama for now.  We will revisit that period later I promise - just to face the past and forgive it.. 


Since my hips are not extremely large I found that wearing the right type of 







If you guys are looking for a unique and beautiful Halloween looks you will love the Arabian princess theme. It is exotic and very feminine.

Hand dotted face tattoos were very common among Bedouin tribes for both men and women. I used my eyeliner to recreate dotted face tattoos.

For the Bedouin in Black I used a black kaftan with the beautiful beading and a black fabric for the turban, wrapped it around my head a couple of times then added the golden trims in two different patterns. I added a bunch of accessories and of course can not forget about the make up as eye make up is essential in these looks so I had to have my eyeliner and to make it modern and hot I flaunted the red lips .. Oh yes!!
















For the Andalusian look, I am wearing a blue dress and a long tribal vest. For the head wear I have a blue tulle and a red crystal trim. The makeup I have on is the same as the one I have in the Bedouin look.

I stacked up for the accessories two blue and torqoise neclaces and I did not forget the bangles .. How do you guys like this one?

Warrior Queen Zenobia, this look is my favorite as this is my homie queen, and hey she got my curly hair as well - or maybe I got hers.. anyways- I am wearing a white plain cotton dress, I stacked up lots of beautiful old accessories trying to mimic hers - tho it is really hard to get the same exact accessories as a queen.. yet I got close enough- I draped a light violet cotton fabric for the cape and secured it on the side with a necklace - working as a brooch- For the belt, I used a red cotton fabric wrapped it around my waist and added a red ribbon to the bottom of it to hold the sword. The head wear is a red fez with a piece of accessory and white fabric as a veil.... OBSESSED!

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