Dima Iskandar

Dima Iskandar, creator of Dilaloo brand thinks of fashion  as a personality statement. Dilaloo girl does not abide by mainstream trends yet gets inspired by them and adds her touch to achieve uniqueness and distinctiveness.


Dima has always had the passion for unique things that reflect one’s own personality. She would never wear a top without adding a cute embellishment like a flower or a bow. Her hats and accessories always looked unique and feminine. 


After earning her master degree in Marketing Integrated Communication in Boston, MA, USA, she decided to live her passion and invest in her love for crafting and hand making headbands, decorating hats, tops, frames, and many other goodies.



On the coffee table in the living room, laid all her tools and cute supplies. With an open heart, open mind, and a lot of music, unique pieces were made. That is when Dilaloo came to life.