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Easy Weekend/ Holiday Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for the holidays or the weekend it looks sophisticated and it is easy to create.

You can wear it on a day or night out. Can be formal or casual.

Works on straight or wavy hair. Your hair does not have to be as long as mine you still can do this hairdo on short hair as long as you have enough length to braid the hair and create a ponytail.

you can watch 1:35:83 to learn exactly how to add hair to the upper strand of the braid.

I would love to see pictures of your recreation of this hairstyle on my social media



For a variety of beautiful headbands check out

I hope you get inspired by these easy hairstyles ;)

The beautiful voice in my background is for the very talented Ashely Hess. Check her out on her social media outlets (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.) @ashleyhessmusic. Visit her website

asy updo with braids, perfect to wear to school, or to any other casual occasion. You can dress it up with a headband for more fun look or wear it plain.

For those of you who have bangs, you can either leave the bang out, or incorporate it if possible with the braid.

I chose from Dilaloo headband to spice up the look a little.

Visit http://www, for cute hair accessories and many other cute stuff.

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