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Running Late Hairstyle / Two Minute Hairstyle

If you are running late and still want to look good you can try this hairstyle to add a simple yet sophisticated-looking touch of style.

You just need to tie few knots and you will be good to go. Depending on your hair type and how good your hair can hold the knots you can add few bobby pins to keep the knots in place or you just do not.

You can do this hairstyle on wavy, curly , or straight hair.

As simple as it is, this hairstyle can be a cute hairstyle for a party. you can dress it up by adding cute hair pins or small flowers.

For a variety of beautiful headbands check out

I would love to see pictures of your recreation of this hairstyle on my social media:



I hope you get inspired by these easy hairstyles ;)

The beautiful voice in my background is for the very talented Ashely Hess. Check her out on her social media outlets (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.) @ashleyhessmusic. Visit her website

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