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How to: Fishtail Braid with a Tweek

the fishtail braid is very in these days and you can make as messy or as neat as you wish it to be or as the occasion you are wearing it to requires.

It is only a few steps hairdo, very simple once you get the hang of the fishtail. You can learn exactly how to do it on minute 1:37

I suggest you dress it up with the Dilaloo headband (link to headband below)!product/prd1/2589466101/boho-headband

For a variety of beautiful headbands check out

I would love to see pictures of your recreation of this hairstyle on my social media:



I hope you get inspired by these easy hairstyles ;)

The beautiful voice in my background is for the very talented Ashely Hess. Check her out on her social media outlets (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.) @ashleyhessmusic. Visit her website

#braidedupdo #video #boho #messy #easy #romantic #cute #hairstyles

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