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Easy Leopard Halloween Costume/Hairstyle

The Leopard Costume can be easily put together. You just grab a leopard print piece of cloth go for a wild hair like in the video get an ears headband and you are all set.

The Leopard make up is very east you just prep your skin as you would usually do for any make up, them you go on your forehead with a taupe/brownish eye shadow to make the base for the leopard prints. Then you take a black eyeliner and you draw irregular skewed U shapes then you go back and ad few random short lines within the U shapes. You do the same exact thing on your chin area.

Then to create the leopard eyes I created a overly winged out cat eye eyeliner and went with it all the way defining the outside of the inner corner of the eye to give it the leopard wild look. To complete the look I glued on a set of nice false eyelashes and the eyes look is done.

The leopard whiskers are essential to bring the makeup look together. To create that, I created a line with the maybelline gel liner and filled in the area between my knows and cupid bow, then added some dots around my lips and knows and draw three strokes on each side of my noes to create the whiskers.

That was the make up.. pretty easy

For a variety of beautiful headbands check out

I would love to see pictures of your recreation of this hairstyle on my social media:



I hope you get inspired by these easy hairstyles ;)

The beautiful voice in my background is for the very talented Ashely Hess. Check her out on her social media outlets (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.) @ashleyhessmusic. Visit her website

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