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How to: Embellished Cat Look by Dilaloo

The cat look is a classic for Halloween. It is the first look most of us think of because it is easy, cute, sexy and can be a last minute fix.

I chose to use some rhinestones and embellish this look to make it a little less traditional.

I bought some rhinestones from a local craft store glued them on my face with few dots of lash adhesive. I draw the cat face on with an NYC liquid eyeliner.

to see the face drawing right away go to 3:33.3

I am wearing eye contacts that were supposed to be blue ( but the blue is not really showing) to make my eyes look more like cat eyes MEAWWWWW lol

I designed the headband with two different materials on each side, one with felt and one with leather to choose whatever side that goes best with your outfit.

This is my take on a fancy Bedouin Princess look for Halloween. I feel like you can definitely do this look when you are going for a fancy party for Halloween. It is a fun a cute look for Halloween and can be achieved so easily. you do not need much to do it, you can manage with whatever you have around the house. A dress that matches your idea of a "fancy" Bedouin or a gypsy princess, a headband, hair tools, and a black eyeliner to draw the tattoos.

See the Headband at 4:22.50

Watch Face Tattoo at 4:33.53

Watch Hand Henna at 6:02.60

The dress at 7:17.17

For a variety of beautiful headbands check out

Follow me on my social, and I would love to see pictures of your recreation of this hairstyle on any of these outlets:



I hope you get inspired by these easy look ;)

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