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Easy and Cute Side Half-do Dutch Braid by Dilaloo

I did this easy hairstyle on my curly hair I used the hot curling iron to define the curls on the top layers only which is why you can still see my natural curly hair :)

Back to the hairstyle. I LOVE it it is so easy and so flattering, it can be a great solution for a bad hair day and it is a a very wearable look that can be done on any hair type.

You can also wear this hairstyle to work or any other casual occasion. You can make it as big and messy or as tidy and neat as you like it to be. Own it and add your touch.

Once you get the hang of the reversed dutch braid you are all set and you can do this with your eyes closed. Do not let the steps scare you they are so easy and if I can do them you ABSOLUTELY can.

The three little flowers are a new addition to Dilaloo collection. I designed and made them to cater to the girls looking for subtle and simple accessories they can wear to work or just casually.

You can see these pins and more accessories on:

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I hope you get inspired by these easy hairstyles ;)

The beautiful voice in my background is for the very talented Ashely Hess. Check her out on her social media outlets (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.) @ashleyhessmusic. Visit her website

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